What do you want to invite in?

Last week I invited you to consider what you want to leave behind. Let’s get more expansive and consider what you want to invite in. As a new year begins, even if 2021 starts a lot like 2020 ended, there’s an opportunity to invite things into this new year.

  • When I reflect on what I’m leaving behind and consider this new year, I know that ease is something I want to invite in.
  • Looking at this snow angel picture and the snow outside in my yard, I think about inviting in more play in 2021.
  • I want to invite in community involvement. I’ve never been involved locally and it’s time to change that.
  • I’d like to invite in meaningful work. I’m lucky that most of what I do fits that description already; but I want to be even more intentional about that in 2021. My “yes-es” will run through the filter of “Does this feel like meaningful work?”

What do you want to invite in? If you could have it any way, how would you have it? Consider what comes to mind when you ask yourself these questions, then look for ways to invite those things in.

From all of us at KOM, we wish you so much love and kindness – today and always.

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