What breaks your heart?

To quote Glennon Doyle, “Find what breaks your heart and that will be your purpose.”

If you really knew me, you’d know that many things break my heart and they often drive my decisions.

The fact that there are 2 very different worlds in this country – one that exists for people who look like me, and the other that exists for people who don’t –  breaks my heart, and drives my decisions.

I have always believed that kindness is active and would like to share some ways to be active right now. I believe that white people need to do better. Here are some ways to start.

  • Making calls, sending emails, donating money, and signing petitions to support and advocate for people of color – locally and nationally. Yes, this it matters, even if what’s breaking your heart isn’t in your local area. Act locally and nationally.
  • Sharing and amplifying the voices of people of color. Reading about the life experiences of people who have a very different experience in this world.
  • Learn about privilege and what it really means. Go beyond the memes and the sound bites. This is not a one stop shop, it’s an ongoing process – there is no destination.

Taking action may feel uncomfortable, but it is unkind (and a form of privilege) to let discomfort be a barrier. When discomfort comes up, we sit with it and process it so that we can continue to learn. Discomfort means that you’re moving in the direction of change. It doesn’t mean that you need to stop – maybe you need a pause for self care – but discomfort is a part of the process . Most importantly, my discomfort is nothing compared to what people of color face every day.

If your heart is broken by the same things, start with some of the resources in the bulleted list above. If you’re ready for more and don’t know where to go, drop me a message (Lara @ KindOverMatter . com) and I’m more than happy to share. I’ll also be sending out resources in a Love Letter this week, and adding some to the comments under this post on social media.

I can do better. We all can.

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