Welcome to Monday Motivators!

illustration by Kristin Noelle: http://www.kristinnoelle.com/blessings/
This Kind Over Matter adventure is a Big, Yay beginning for me, but I also wanted to recognize some of the value that comes from quiet beginnings.  We make quiet promises to ourselves every day – promising to hit snooze one less time, to finish the laundry, to get that blog post written – and all of these have just as much value as the Big, Yay beginnings that we’re all focused on at this time of year.  
Monday Motivators will be here for you every Monday as a way to start the week on a positive note, give us something to think about or maybe just make us laugh!  I’m thrilled to have the wonderful Kristin Noelle illustrating them for me, and hope each one brings a little joy to the beginning of your week.  <3, Lara 

Kristin Noelle is a Los Angeles-based illustrator. She creates soulful art that fosters a worldview of trust. Find her at www.kristinnoelle.com and be sure to check out Blessings – a 10-day series of inspired, illustrated blessings.

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