Time for another black and white

because it feels good to look grainy

like Ingrid and Joan…all beautiful angles

and curvy lips,

effortlessly gliding like queens.

I live in a technological, technicolor time.

Secrets are exposed and love letters now

misspelled broken sentiments.

We are all movie stars,

pop icons and


I have lost the lovin’ feelin’

for high definition and many many pixels.

I don’t need to see so much

unless we’re really that close.

The stuble, freckles and lines that I get to see;

how I have them displayed

in a gallery of my own,

to remind me of how

we are all so real

and imperfect,




Kelly Mastros is a former Midwesterner that lives in the Sunshine State where she writes poetry and observational essays. She studied English Literature and Sociology at the University of Central Florida, and has informally studied people for years. A wife and mother of wily felines, she spends her free time advocating for mental health awareness and sampling chocolate chip cookies. Kelly maintains a personal blog at

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