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Maybe you’ve tried workshops, books, e-courses, or spiritual paths with some success. But then the initial steam wears off or a major challenge arises or the e-course ends and then you’re right back at square one: What now?

The Courageous Year is a series of 4 interconnected e-book course modules that, if completed in sequence, form a complete course in courageous living. Each downloadable course module contains a series of lessons focused on specific topics that build upon one another. This isn’t a Stuart Smalley, “little engine that could” kind of vibe–it’s a compendium of courageousness + love + get in there and do + wisdom. This coursework acknowledges magical possibility while addressing the practical:

  • What do I do about the fear that swamps me?
  • How do I handle unsupportive family members or friends?
  • Where’s the relationship between time, and money, and my vision for my life?

These are real questions and they don’t go away by simply repeating affirmations. The Courageous Year gives you accessible, practical tools to work with the challenges that arise–we’re talking “get to it right now, diving straight into manageable but significant changes” kinds of practices. Because you’re downloading each course module, the days of falling behind in e-courses and playing catch-up are over.

The Courageous Year gives multiple options for ways of looking at:

  • How to get connected to yourself from a place of honoring your unique values, so that you can stop wasting time on “1-2-3 step” plans.
  • Get clear on the Stories/habits that have you running your life on autopilot.
  • Determine the most authentic way (for you) to shift your life, while staying connected to your unique values.
  • Learn pro-active ways to work with critical voices and intense emotions, so that you can run the show–not the mucky stuff.
  • Step into a practice of being able to Slow… Down… and sink into you. The Courageous Year is not a to-do list.

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