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Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing

Step into The Word Cellar for Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing, an online course for creative souls. (That means you!) Learn to transform ordinary words into beautiful, meaningful stories. Practice techniques to capture your experiences in writing and connect with readers.

Alchemy is a doorway into a magical world where practical tips and craft lessons ignite your imagination and help you to bloom as a writer. We’ll look at how to combine techniques and inspiration to deepen and  w i d e n  your writing.

I invite you to join me (Jenna McGuiggan) for this writing adventure. In this six-week course, we’ll explore practical tips and effective techniques for transforming everyday words into written works of art. The course includes 12 lessons on the craft of writing, weekly writing exercises and nuggets of inspiration, nitty-gritty writing tips, and fabulous special guests (including Brené Brown and Kyran Pittman).

You’ll choose the kind of writing you want to do, maybe blog posts, essays, articles, or even a book project. It’s up to you. Bring whatever stories are clamoring to be told. (You’ll also get plenty of prompts and nudges to help you find topics and capture inspiration if you need some guidance.) We’ll also have a private online community where we can post our work and share the experience of living the writing life. The course starts October 11 and runs through November 21.

Find out more and register for Alchemy: The Art & Craft of Writing.

Register by September 30 and save $30!

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