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Katie Daisy is a wandering artist whose home is the prairie. Originally from a small farm in Illinois, Katie is greatly inspired by rural life. Ms. Daisy makes her way by enjoying simple country pleasures such as a sweet goldfinch song, swimming in lakes, canoe trips that creep into the night and sipping chamomile tea with honey.

Using a wide variety of techniques and materials, including watercolor, acrylic, and collage, Katie Daisy creates feel-good art, often featuring empowering phrases to encourage others to follow their dreams.

At only 22, Katie has had success freelancing for both large enterprises (Target, American Greetings, HGTV) and other small, independent outfits like herself, doing everything from commissioned paintings to identity development.

Katie believes that through the power of reaching out, being true to one’s self, and doing what you love in life, all doors open and all dreams become possible. Her artwork serves as a gentle reminder for us all to live authentically and contribute to one another’s happiness.

Katie currently lives in a cloud-hidden country home, nestled somewhere between the Smoky Mountains and pure bliss.


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