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Parachute Promise
In 2007 I was walking through some profoundly difficult changes. It became my friends and family who encouraged me, checked in with me, and constantly reminded me of their love and support. How do you thank someone for that? I was at a loss for something tangible that would not only serve as a reminder for each of us, but also the words that would express my heartfelt thanks. It occurred to me that words weren’t really enough and well, a Gap gift card just wasn’t going to cut it.

I started thinking about other people in this world, each walking their struggles, and joys, with one another. Best friends helping each other through devastating news, families rallying around to help and support their loved ones, neighbors who come by for a visit, and people that stop by just to hold a hand. There was nothing out there that celebrated another’s gifts, those which they bring to your life, and so I created one.

Parachute Promise isn’t about a product, it’s about an idea- a concept that we are all connected. We are all getting through this thing called life together. We are blessed by those we get to walk with in our journey, and now, there is a way to say thank you for their presence. This gift is an expression of many things. As it continues to grow, I have been gifted the opportunity to hear those stories of extraordinary people, their personal struggles, and the joys and the love of the people in their lives. Back in 2007, I had no idea that Parachute Promise is where 5 friends, and 5 parachute pins tied to a piece of one dollar suede would lead.

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