We Love Our Sponsors : Marked by the Muse

We Love Our Sponsors : Marked by the Muse
Marked by the Muse
I’m Stephey Baker, an unconventional artist, creative intuitive coach, licensed spiritual counselor, Reiki Master and Master-Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy™ practitioner. Whew – that’s a mouth full. For the past 10 years I’ve been helping artists, musicians, spiritual healers and other creative souls “get the stuck-out” of their creative blocks and discover the true potential of living their creative lives.

I’m a sucker for beauty, inspiration, and dreams coming true and overcoming anything that dares get in the way. I’m also a lover of bubbles. There’s no better way to accomplish what you want than to enjoy what you’re doing. To navigate the highs and lows of life, you must engage inspiration – it has the power to keep the heart light and free. It’s your protective bubble to doubt.

Are you a creative, artistic and intuitive person? Are you brimming with ideas? Desire to live a fulfilled creative life? Yet, find yourself “stuck” and unable to create your dreams come true? Then a one-on-on one “get the stuck out” session is for you. Just you and me – minus the stuck – I like the sound of that. We can connect via email or chat over the phone – it’s up to you. Lately I’ve seen a similarity in people receiving one-on-one sessions. I’ve offered support regarding (but not limited to) the following:

  • Lots of ideas but no forward movement
  • Exhausted during the day due to cramming in late night creativity – how else are you going to engage your artistic sparkly side?
  • How to stick with it and not be discouraged
  • Concerned about life passing you by without accomplishing creative goals – yet that inner voice keeps nudging you…
  • Needing encouragement and the tools to create what you feel guided to

I’ve got the tools and techniques to isolate and dispel your creative blocks and put you back on track for your ideal inspired life. If you’d like help in getting “Unstuck” then please contact me to schedule your session. P.S. For a limited time I am offering a free mini email session. Simple contact me by clicking here no later than December 8, 2010, 2010 to receive your mini-email session. I look forward to connecting with you soon! Pssst- those who opt in for the free mini-email session will receive future one-on-one sessions at a reduced rate.

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Thanks so much for sponsoring KOM, Stephey!


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