We Love Our Sponsors : Magpie Girl’s Power Stories

Do you ever feel pushed around by old messages about what you should do and how you should act?

Do you feel nervous to tell your partner (or doctor, or waiter…) what you really want and need?

Is fear getting in your way of your true dreams?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You CAN learn how live from a place of powerful internal authority, while
still being compassionate and kind.

Power Stories: tips and tales for standing in your own power is a new course with soulcare specialist Rachelle Mee-Chapman of Magpie Girl. Storytelling, take-action assignments, and practical how-to’s will
show you how to shut down noisy interlopers and live CONFIDENT.

Learning to STAND results in:

  1. a strong sense of direction about personal relationships.
  2. confident, “right fit” work decisions.
  3. the strength to live into your own spiritual or religious beliefs.
  4. a life that feels stable and energized – not timid and depleted.

Power Stories begins Sept. 13. Click here to register.

You deserve to live the clearest, truest you. Let’s learn to stand.

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Thank you so much, Rachelle, for becoming a sponsor!


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