We Love Our Sponsors : Liz Kalloch Designs

We Love Our Sponsors : Liz Kalloch Designs
Liz Kalloch Designs

Liz Kalloch Designs is my shop full of prints of my paintings, the occasional original painting, an ever growing line of correspondence cards (because I still love old-fashioned letters in my mailbox) and cards for special occasions, like saying “thank you”. I recently added art pendants to my collection of work – and am making necklaces and bracelets with small reproductions of my paintings and design work encased in resin, and strung with some beads, and can I say, I am loving creating these pieces.

I am enchanted with the little details: the veins in a rock; all the different “browns” that come together to make brown hair; how in such very different ways, we all use our hands to talk. I believe we all have our own very individual life purpose. I believe that colour can change a moment, a life. I believe that when we stop long enough to listen to that still and quiet inner voice, we can do anything we choose. I believe that dancing is the cure for all that ails, singing in the car is a must, and a day without either is not an option.

Please come by and visit my shop and perhaps you will find that perfect little detail that speaks to you.

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Thanks so much for sponsoring KOM, Liz!


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