We Love Our Sponsors : Kelly Barton Art + Design

Kelly Barton Art + Design

Kelly Barton is a mixed media artist and graphic designer who brings sass to her home base of middle Indiana. Most days you will find her in the studio with music playing and colors flying. She is inspired by the inner-workings of a girl’s nutty mind and believes that growing up girl is enough inspiration for any artist. Kelly’s creations can bring out the joyful rebel in any person or space. She features her artwork in her eclectic mixed media art pieces, funky note cards, spunky jewelry baubles, and fun tee-shirts. Kelly created Kelly Barton Art +Design to remind people that we’re all connected, and because she believes we all need a bit of happy.

Hop on over and visit the shop. Today thru Friday use this code BEKINDTODAY for a 25% discount on your purchase. We love new friends.


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Thanks for sponsoring KOM, Kelly!


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