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Valerie Wetlaufer is an experienced poet and teacher based in Salt Lake City. She holds an MA in Teaching, an MFA in Creative Writing and is currently a doctoral fellow in Literature and Creative Writing. She has long been looking for a way to extend her creative writing lessons beyond the classroom and thus her e-course was born.

Just Write is a six-week online class about making your writing dreams a reality. So many people dream of becoming writers, but something always seems to stand in their way. This course helps you break down those barriers, develop a regular writing practice, get through writer’s block ad learn how to publish your work.

Through daily writing exercises, many Practical Tips on publishing, and a 30-minute one-on-one consultation, Just Write will help make your writing dreams a reality. This is the perfect course for writers of all genres and experience levels—all you need is the desire to be a writer and the willingness to try.

The first course starts Monday, July 5 at a special introductory offer of $66. Space is limited, so enroll now!


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