We Love Our Sponsors : Integrate in the Rockies

As we grow up, some things are just part of the process: learning how to be good, learning how to get (and hold onto) love, learning how to follow the rules. We often hush the parts of ourselves that cause too many problems, don’t easily fit the mold or fall into line, and we sweep them under the rug.

It seems like the best solution at the time, but some part of us never stops longing to be free.

There’s another process that finds us later in life: growing into ourselves. We use our grown-up resources to welcome our banished parts back into the fold, and still have a life that works. A life that may not follow convention, a life that might not win us awards for “niceness”, but certainly a life that knows and welcomes love. Love for every nook and cranny of our dear souls.

Integrate in the Rockies is a three-day retreat designed to welcome the aspects of yourself that have been eluding you with a circle of companions, ensuring that you don’t have to go it alone and building your belief that love will be waiting for you at the end of your story.

Come. Integrate. Be free.

Integrate in the Rockies is hosted by Jen Lee and Phyllis Mathis. Register now.

Thank you so much for being a sponsor, Jen!


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