We Love Our Sponsors : Hawkstone Creations

Izzy Winterhart is the creative energy behind Hawkstone Creations, she takes stones & wire & turns them into a talisman of sorts, to harness positive energy & promote harmony.

So how did Hawkstone Creations come to be? Izzy says that :

“Our bodies are an intricate creation of nature’s organization and balance. Healing ourselves is often a matter of recovering harmony by letting go of negativity that we are holding onto. Gemstones (compliments of Mother Nature) are living creatures, they are active participants in our daily environment. We need them to realign our hearts, minds and bodies. The use of stone therapy is simply a matter of using the correct stone to breakup whatever unresolved issues challenge our current lives. It’s that simple.

I used to carry stones in my pockets whenever I needed them for comfort. That is until I noticed that on rotten days my pockets and purse were loaded down with dozens of these mineral faeries. It is then that I decided to put stones into something wearable. That tiny seed grew into Hawkstone Creations. Through my jewelry I can bring healing, light and love through the powerful therapy of stones.”

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