We Love Our Sponsors : Handmade Writer e-course

Take a crafty approach to creative writing & use the fabric of your life to tell your own extraordinary stories.

The Handmade Writer e-course will help you gather together material from every source imaginable. You will learn about the craft of writing and how to sew these fragments together to build your own pieces of creative writing. The e-course has been inspired by the strength of craft communities as well as the impulse to transform everyday finds into something amazing.

Amy Spencer, an author & experienced workshop leader, will be your tutor.

She will set you a writing project at the beginning of each week, send you twice weekly creative challenges and keep you supplied with enough creative stimulus to keep your imagination buzzing. Amy will read every word you write and give you critical feedback on all your work, including suggestions on how to develop your writing further.

After a wonderfully received first session, the Handmade Writer e-course is returning for a six-week summer session. This is a perfect chance to spend your summer daydreaming and writing.

The summer e-course begins on Monday, June 28, and costs £60/ $90 (based on current exchange rates.) Enrollment is open now.


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