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Stacy & Kim, are a husband-and-wife team artists living in beautiful Utah. They’re often inspired by nature, the amazing landscape shapes and colors, as well as the places they see on their travels.

Stacy is a wood worker. His attention to detail allows him to make things like a chain in a toothpick! He has been a sculptor as long as he can remember, and is the big hand in creating their hair forks as he does most of the wood cutting, shaping & sanding.

Kim has always been an artist, and has a degree in studio art with a focus on pottery. Kim also loves making and wearing jewelry and hair art. Kim draws the patterns out for the hair forks, and does most of the finishing.

Their studio got its name from a traveling experience — they drove from Florida to the west coast They fell in love with the rock formations, some of which are called grottos. As Christians, they believe that their artistic talents are a gift from God that they are grateful for, all the way down to their toes! And thus, a studio was born — Grah (from grateful) & Toe (to their toes).

They welcome any inquiries about their art, as well as requests for custom orders.They love what we do, and want you to have a beautiful creation that also functions well for your hair type. They’ll gladly work with you to assure your are completely satisified with your transaction, artistically and in all other ways as well!


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