We Love Our Sponsors : Day Three!!

Verve Bath Press is the home of the poetry magazine, WORDs DANCE & a handful of poetry chapbooks, handmade with the love of the word & the lust of spreading it on the brain. Verve Bath publishes emerging & established writers in the small press & is all about poetry wild enough to get dressed up in its finest attire before it goes out to slay the mind. You know, the kinda stuff that makes you winded, dig?

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String-Ring was created to keep us mindful of how we treat others. I was particularly disappointed in the escalating bullying, campus violence, and basic disrespect I witnessed in our society, especially among the younger generations. As a concerned mom trying to teach the importance of kindness and respect, the issue became paramount. So I put my graphic design training to work and came up with String-Ring — The Kindness Reminder Ring. This is a sterling silver ring that uses the ancient tradition of tying a string around a finger to help us remember something we’re supposed to do — in this case the task is to treat each other with respect and kindness.

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Our goal at Live Life SOLID™ is to kindle a spark of positive energy and inspiration in the heart and souls of folks everywhere through our positive mojo gear. We want that spark to ignite fast and travel far – inspiring solid actions and positive thinking, one person at a time! Our inspirational gifts are of premium quality and individually branded with a positive message. They make you feel good. They make those around you feel good. What a great way to bring positive change to the world together! Our wish? That our positive mojo gear inspires people to think twice about their thoughts, their actions, and most importantly — their consequences. Our choices in life define us and inspire those around us more than we will ever know…

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Thoughts become things. The words you speak or think create your life. Cleansing Thoughts are very powerful means of reprogramming the subconscious mind. They are most effective when repeated in a quiet and restful state of mind, and when the desired outcome is vividly experienced in one’s mind and resulting emotions are felt. Morning time is the ideal time to surround yourself with positivity because your mind is most open and receptive.

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