We Love Our Sponsors : Day Four!

Rachel Ballard is a professional photographer, artist, designer and writer. She’s the owner of Rachel B. Photographie, the writer/founder of Rachel B. Blog — a blog featuring design, style and photography and teaches Bloom, a photography e-course.

:: Website :: Etsy — Moonflowers Photography :: Blog :: E-course : Bloom ::

Unicorn Kids Studios is the one-stop shop for all of your your retro repurposed gifts and vintage finds.

:: Etsy — Unicorn Kids Studios :: Etsy — Unicorn Kids ::

Donna Geissler fell in love with photography in 1993 when she took her first and only photo class in college. She began with traditional darkroom printing and then hand colored my prints with oils and pencils. Now everything is digital! In 2004 I began selling my prints through a publisher, then soon after began art shows locally.Her shop contains fine art photography — seascapes, landscapes, dog art and botanical subjects are among the selection.

:: Website :: Etsy — Donna Geissler Photography :: Blog ::

Stephanie DeLuca taught herself how to crochet about two years ago, and she really love it! For all of her items, she chooses only colors and materials that she absolutely loves and would want to wear. She also likes to think about the different coats and outfits that someone can mix and match them with, and enjoys making scarves that are unique, trendy, simple and elegant, as well as soft and cozy. You’ll find a little of everything in her shop!

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