We Love Our Sponsors : Blessing in a Basket

We Love Our Sponsors : Blessing in a Basket

Blessings in a Basket

Blessings in a Basket is a non-profit organization that was designed by Ashley Mitchell to offer gift baskets full of courage, support, love and motivation to the brave women who find themselves pregnant and make the decision to place their child for adoption. Ashley placed her son for adoption in 2006 and is a self proclaimed “BIG TOUGH GIRL” in the face of great adversity. She truly has a huge heart for the birth moms all across the country and is reaching out to them one basket at a time. Blessings in a basket not only gives the baskets but is a resource for any birth mom at any stage to come and connect with others, to read and share their story, to get inspiration and encouragement in all shapes and sizes. BIB honors these women and is here to be a shoulder when they have no one. BIB believes in doing what is very best for your children, regardless of the circumstances, in providing the best quality of life.

BIB donation inquiries can be found on our blog.

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