We Love Our Sponsors : Art & Dreams Bound @ the Purple Cottage

The Purple Cottage presents Art & Dreams Bound with Carmen Torbus!!

Spend the weekend constructing your personal Dream Book. Explore a mixed assortment of techniques, exercises, prompts and methods to uniquely express your thoughts, emotions and individual artistic style. Cultivate your wildest creative dreams and tuck them neatly into your Dream Book to cherish, reflect upon and nourish your soul.

Enjoy a supportive atmosphere where you can give your muse the complete freedom to play and experiment with many techniques. At this retreat you are free to make a mess, play and let go of the need for perfection.

Your pages will be filled with a combination of your treasured papers, your favorite colors and your wildest dreams. You will have the opportunity to experiment with several techniques — from abstract composition with collage, to artful journaling exercises with fun and funky lettering.

At the end of the weekend you will hold the beginnings of your Dream Book. Bound with Art and Dreams, your Dream Book will have pages expressing your dreams as you see them now and pages with space to journal and add more detail as you reflect on the retreat and as your creative dreams emerge.

Carmen Torbus


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