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Sprout Magazine : Issue 6 : Seeds of Kindness

A rare Sunday post!! Why? Because I had to share this gorgeousness ASAP!

I am so completely honored to be Sprout Magazine’s Thrive Interviewee this month! I received an advance copy yesterday & devoured the whole thing in one sitting… like every month’s issue, it’s breathtaking. Stories, art, poems – so, so juicy & full of heart – it evokes such strong feeling of love, creativity & community with every turn of the page. Amanda pours her whole heart into this magazine & boy does it show.

Amanda asked me 8 questions & let me tell you, Amanda knows how to conduct a divine & meaningful interview… her intro made me feel like a total rockstar but humbled & teary at the same time, the questions had me digging deep, the spread is just incredible. I am so, so grateful &…

This month’s theme is: Kindness!

She asked me questions like: How did your deep passion for kindness first take root? What’s one kind story in your life that you’ll never forget? What words of encouragement would you give Sprout readers wanting to embrace kindness in their lives more fully—with themselves and others? She also asked me to elaborate on considering myself a connector, the years I worked in a nursing home, how I balance my work & home life, nourishing myself, the power behind stories….

I am also in insanely amazing company!!!

Amanda Fall of course!!! Liv Lane, Marcie Scudder, Lori Portka, Julia Fehrenbacher, Amy Oscar, Rachel Awes, Maureen Helms Blake, Deb Taylor, De Jackson, Amanda St.Clair, Kollen Harrison, Lynn McLean, Shauntelle Hamlett, Amelia Maness-Gilliland, Terri Stephens, Shanna Sandmoen


Wrap yourself in this issue’s gentle warmth, finding sweetness & strength:

+ 60 full-color pages (PDF instant download)
+ gorgeous viewed on computers, tablets or iPhones
+ hand-painted backgrounds
+ handwritten notes from Amanda to you
+ art & photography
+ poetry
+ essays
+ simple kind acts to change your world
+ prompts to cultivate kindness in everyday life

Get your copy here!!
Thank you Amanda, I am so blessed to have your light & love in my life, we all are.

Deep Respect, Love & Gratitude,


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