We Are All Connected

Did you know that individual Aspen trees are actually all connected to each other? When you look at what you think is an individual tree, you’re really seeing 1 small part of a much larger, connected organism. Their roots connect and intertwine far beneath the surface of the earth.

I had no idea. I was listening to a podcast interview with author Mark Nepo who shared that fact. In the same context that I share it with you: We are all connected just like the Aspen trees.

As much as we live in a time when people seem to thrive on trying to “other” everyone else, if you can pause and remember that we are all connected, imagine what could happen.

What would you do differently when you passed by someone struggling if you remembered that we are all connected?

How would you feel about the angry colleague if you looked at them through the lens of connection?

The truth is that humans are MUCH more alike than different; but we get stuck in this loop of comparing ourselves and trying to make ourselves feel superior and we forget that and only see differences. 

Just like every Aspen tree looks like an individual tree, so does each person. Under the surface, far below what you are conditioned to see, lie our similarities. Each of us wants to love and be loved. Connection to other branches of our connected humanity is critical to physical and mental health.

I believe that “otherness” is learned and therefore it must be able to be unlearned. Consider what a difference you could make in your world if you viewed everyone as a connection.

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