Ways to Unlock Your Inner Creativity

Creative writing involves an unusual contrary set of laws that get people in trouble waste time if they are not aware of the regulators governing the creative process. We are born to create and creativity feeds our souls. This does not mean that good writing happens because you were handed the talent from above. When you unlock your creativity the quality of your writing and storytelling is dramatically improved no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as a writer.

Here are some insights that can help support your creative path and help you unlock your creativity:

1. Let your imagination rule

Learning to tap into the power of your own imagination makes an enormous difference. Creative writing is an act of discovery; and imagination is the inspiration of the creative force that makes your readers yearn to read more.

Apply practical techniques and tools that grant you access to the power of your imagination and see your creativity levels rise. Technique frees your unconscious and lets real creativity free. Take your mind off itself and put it to the task. By doing this, you are allowing true creativity. Let the stories in your mind freely flow and do not let your anxiety or harsh self-critique stop you from achieving the goal of creativity.

2. Pay attention to significant details

Use bricks of essential details to elicit the emotions of the characters in your creative writing.

When you pay attention to every single detail as you write your creativity is unlocked. You create long-lasting images of your characters and emotions in your readers’ minds. The reader enters a dreamy state and even forgets the room they are in and that they are reading words printed on a page. Paying attention makes your work more visual and the creativity in you is exposed.

3. Positive feedback

For most people this may seem to be a challenging concept at first. Rather than receiving praise, our competitive culture has given more room for criticizing. This significantly impacts our self-confidence.

Receiving feedback plays a significant part in the process of unlocking the creativity within ourselves. Silence your inner critic and see yourself through someone else’s eyes. Creativity is activated and nourished by receiving positive feedback and acknowledgment. Don’t fully trust your inner critique – it might blind you in instances where others see the greatness within you.

4. Have and follow a process step-by-step

Creative writing can be overwhelming if you don’t break down the whole process into manageable bits. Curate a method to guide your every step in your creative process.

A process plays a major part in connecting you with your imagination as you pen your work creatively and take your readers through a profound journey.

A guide restricts you to work within a strict framework and this taxes your imagination maximally; thus some of the wealthiest ideas come to our minds.

5. Brainstorm and meditate upon random ideas

Never judge the thoughts that come to you, note everything down and meditate on them. Imagine how you can creatively transform them into great topics of writing.

This creates a mood of creative thinking within you. Just relax somewhere and note down all the ideas that come to you regardless of grammar spelling or even structures. Do not edit anything here. Get many ideas noted as fast as possible. Push yourself to the limits by thinking about everything and anything.

Through this, you will unlock your creativity. These short notes can be crafted into great pieces. Pay close attention to any repetitive thoughts that keep drawing your attention.

6. Go with the flow

Find an emotional connection with your work and move with that. By doing this, you will find ideas freely flowing without any great struggle. Follow your heart and swim with the waves. Follow the direction your heart is leading you to effortlessly. You will spend less energy in the whole creative process and churn out some of your most exceptional pieces. Just follow the flow and let creativity trickle out.

7. Be yourself

Do not try so hard to sound good in the creative writing process. Do not try to sound like someone else. Be yourself as you scribble down ideas and work on expanding them. Live and be in the moment and see what unfolds.

Authenticity inspires excellent creative works. Unlock your inner creativity and not someone else’s ideas. Be true to yourself.

8. Keep a notebook or journal with you at all times

You never know when an idea will strike you, so carry paper and pen wherever you go. Everyday life gives a lot of inspiration that might awaken the inner creative within you. Note down every idea that crosses your mind during your day-to-day activities. Whenever you feel passion about an idea kicking in, list it in your notebook. Pay close attention to your own personal thoughts.

9. Practice

Doing something repetitively makes you better at it. You adapt to it and it becomes easier. Spend every single opportunity in the creative space; this will make it easier to fall into it again. You get accustomed to creativity in writing by continually engaging in the practice. Do it more often and use that to unlock the inner creative within you.

10. Exposure

Regularly reading creative pieces by others opens the doors to your own creative mind. Read powerful writers who are good at creative writing, check out publications from creatives whose work you connect with easily or inspires creativity in you. Expose yourself to creative writing as much as you can and find someone whose traits encourage you. Incorporate those traits into your own style.

In conclusion, the journey to unlocking creativity is majorly dependent on imaginations and paying attention to random thoughts. Unlocking your inner creativity with creative writing can be an excellent experience if you open up your heart and follow your instincts while emulating a like-minded model. Consider every idea you have thoughtfully and pay attention to every small idea that crosses your mind. The whole creative process is inspired by imagination. Follow your instincts rather than listening to your inner critique. Let the creative process take a more natural course and do not block its path.

Build your own path to creativity!

Marques Coleman
Marques is a contributing writer at Taimi - the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform. He is an LGBTQ+ activist as well as a researcher on human rights violations with a passion for writing about relationships and queer issues. Marques is also a nature enthusiast who loves spending time outdoors as much as he loves writing. He’s a big fan of outdoor sports including surfing, hiking and cycling.

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