Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season

If you are looking to do some good in your community this season, consider these ways to give back during the holidays. Embrace the reason for the season!

If there is a good time to help your community, it’s during the final months of the year. While you celebrate the festive time with your family, remember that there are people in need who long for support. Here are some ways to give back during the holidays.

Set Up a Holiday Food Drive

Setting up a food drive is a great way to support your local community. You can partner with your local food pantry and advertise the event to your friends and family. Have people drop off non-perishables at your home or a communal place, then bring them to a food pantry. The recipients will be endlessly grateful for extra food during the holiday season.

Donate to Your Favorite Charity

Do you have a favorite charity that you often support? Consider making a generous donation during the season of giving! Whether you are passionate about equality, homelessness or animals, give what you can to support what matters to you. Charities appreciate anything and everything!

Make Holiday Cards for People in Need

If you are looking for a way to be both creative and charitable, make cards for people in need. There are tons of groups of people who can’t be at home during the holidays or just need a bit of festive cheer. Put your artistic skills to the test and send them some loving words of encouragement. Here are some groups that you can give holiday cards to:

  • Hospital patients
  • Military members
  • Senior communities
  • Shelter residents

Go Caroling at a Senior Center

Caroling at your local senior center or nursing home is a great way to spend a day during the holiday season. Spreading festive cheer is important and residents will absolutely love to hear celebratory live music. After getting permission, craft your set-list of carols and holiday songs and start singing!

Bring Gifts to a Shelter

If you have the means, purchase necessities and gifts for your local women’s shelter. Residents often can’t afford gifts for their children, let alone basic necessities to remain afloat. Perhaps forfeit some of your own presents and donate to those who need them more.

If you are looking to embrace the giving season, follow these ways to give back during the holidays. Local people in need will be exceptionally grateful for your generosity and you can make a difference in your community.

Happy holidays!

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