Ways Kindness Can Be the Cornerstone of Your Business

Kindness is a popular word these days, especially in the business world. That’s because there is something extraordinary about it. The smallest acts of kindness can completely change your employee’s or customer’s day. Imagine how profound these simple and frequent acts of kindness can be in your business. These exchanges can help in the creation of a positive culture, improve office experiences and boost office morale.

As the CEO or business owner, you are responsible for leading your employees. Kindness does not mean that you have to be a close friend to each employee in the workplace. It means being the first to say “Hello” with a smile and remembering their name. You have to ensure that your employees are kind to your clients. Most of the time, being kind is usually perceived as a waste of time; however, it pays off in spades in the long run.

You need to build rapport and be genuinely interested in your clients to get countless referrals and create lots of opportunities. Just imagine what would happen to your sales and revenues if you and your employees formed the habit of asking your employees questions before offering them your product. Kindness can be translated into honesty, service, friendliness and solutions.

Unkindness negatively affects your business

Being unkind fosters negative thought patterns. It raises blood pressure and increases fatigue. You become distracted from enjoyable and important activities that negatively affect your personal and professional life. Also, unkindness makes you feel awful and has a negative impact on your health. In short, it is a waste of energy.

Be kind. Acts of kindness will not only improve the quality of your life but also your business and the lives of your clients and employees. Commit to speak, act and live kindly. You will be happy about it. Acts of kindness have a ripple effect and will always come back to you.

1.  Friendliness

Mutual trust is developed by friendliness. Building rapport is good for your business especially when it’s done with sincerity. Establishing good interpersonal relationships will open lots of doors for you. Being friendly goes beyond a greeting and smiling at someone. It does take some time; however, the payoff is phenomenal.

Be friendly to your employees and customers. Ask them questions and write down their names if you tend to forget. Remember, your employees are looking at you and they’ll follow your example.

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2.  Honesty

The majority of people would rather have you do your research and give a clear accurate answer at a later date than make something up immediately. The key to success in business is offering what you can deliver within the expected timelines.

Never lie or paint a perfect picture just to get a client. Always charge fair prices. (It won’t take long for your clients to know that you are overcharging them.) Advise your employees appropriately after launching a new product or service so that they can relay the information to your clients. When customers are happy with what they get from you, they will market your business via word of mouth.

3.  Reliability

Always return phone calls, messages, voice mails and e-mails. Communicating with your clients should be a high priority.

A proactive businessperson will quickly cheer up a disappointed client. Give your clients a clear and comprehensive notice of sales and office closures. Once a client sees that you are reliable, they will return. Always under-promise and over-deliver. This is how you get referrals.

4.  Solve problems

Ensure that all your solutions are in the best interests of your customer. An honest answer may send a customer away for a while, but it will save the relationship. Always have options for your customers. In most cases, clients assume that they know what they want but are unaware of anything else that might be available. When a client comes to you with an idea but are not sure what they need to create it, take a step to help them.

5.  Service

Surpass your clients’ expectations. Remember, the business and services that you provide are not about you, but your customers. When customers have an issue, do your best to help them by coming up with a solution. You may need to bring in another person from the organization to help you. Most clients will market your business if they receive great customer service. Talk to your customers and make them feel valued.

6.  Accept your mistakes

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Accept that you are a human being who is not perfect. In your professional and personal life, you’ll make a lot of mistakes. Instead of being hard on yourself, figure out what you can learn from them. Make the necessary adjustments and focus on moving forward. It doesn’t help to dwell on or feel guilty about past mistakes.

7.  Make others feel visible

Form the habit of chatting with your employees and clients whenever possible. Consider the few employees in the workplace who might be feeling invisible or getting overlooked. Think of small ways that you can build better relationships with your employees. It could be as simple as learning a new thing about them such as their hobbies. Discovering their strengths and hidden talents will make them feel visible.

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8.  Create opportunities

Look for the best ways your employees can make valuable contributions. Perhaps your business needs a new webpage or your mission statement needs to be updated. Being on the lookout for opportunities such as these will help your employees showcase their hidden talents. You may discover that an employee has a passion for coding or someone is innovative in a way that can help your business.

9.  Be receptive

Look for ways to make yourself receptive and approachable. Communicate with all your employees. You want them to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions while bringing critical aspects of the business to your attention. When communicating with your employees and clients, give them all your attention. The last thing you want is to have your clients or employees walk away feeling unworthy.

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Bonus Tips:

  • Show that you care

It’s important to show that you genuinely care about your employees and clients by checking in on them regularly. During these hard times you need to know how everyone in your organization is doing and if they need any assistance or support. These simple check-ins make a huge difference in someone’s life because it shows them that you genuinely care about their well-being.

  • Establish career connections

Helping your employees achieve their career goals by creating valuable connections will improve the quality of their lives as well as yours. Introduce your employees to people in your network who can help them make progress in their careers. Establishing these connections will help your employees know that you have their best interests at heart.

  • Be nice, even if they don’t show it

A client might snap at you while you are serving them. Your natural response might be to do the same. Instead of falling into this trap, take your time and reply kindly. Maybe the client is having a bad day. A kind comment can help them get back on track.


Being kind is not difficult – it’s all about changing your mindset. What you send out to others will eventually return to you.

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