Ways Great Leaders Show They Care

Caring for people is easy. Caring for employees is easy. Employers who truly have the right to consider themselves leaders are aware that they must put universal values above money and statuses. This article will show you seven simple ways to take care of your team members.

1.  Listening to Your Employees

What could be simpler than just listening to what people, on whom business development depends, say? However, not many managers believe that this is necessary. Active listening is the very first way to recognizing the value of a person. This is a signal that you respect the person who is talking and that you value their opinion.

Sometimes just listening is enough to show concern and recognition. Perhaps it is simply important for an employee to speak with you, without requiring you to take any action in response.

2.  Giving Feedback Kindly

Feedback in itself is already a signal that you value the work, time and efforts of the person who performed a specific task. However, it is a special skill to give feedback correctly and maintain a balance between constructive criticism and personal opinion.

The most important rule of a leader who cares about his team is to always maintain kindness while giving feedback. Words, intonation and facial expressions are important. Caring leaders present feedback as an opportunity to teach an employee something new and do it in a kind, mentoring and supportive manner.

3.  Being Personal

Caring about people means knowing them personally. Inspiring leaders know that remembering the birthday and the names of employees’ children shows them that they, their families and their important events are also important for you and the company. This is a simple but very effective way to express recognition and show real value.

This level of personalization should become part of the corporate culture so that your employees feel their importance constantly.

4.  Supporting, Motivating and Recognizing Their Value

79% of people quit a job because they do not feel that management really appreciated what they were doing. Half of them found new positions that allow them to feel their importance every day.

Such high rates indicate that caring leadership is really important. This means giving support, motivation and recognition of the merits of each team member.

There is no universal recipe for how to do this. Each person needs recognition and evaluation of his contribution; but everyone understands and accepts this recognition in different ways. For some, public praise will be the best recognition, while someone else might prefer a pay increase or even just a personal conversation showing your gratitude.

5.  Measuring the Indicators that Matter for Employees

The secret to this way of taking care of your employees is very simple. It is based on recognition and gratitude for their contribution to development. You need to measure the indicators that are important for the employees themselves, even if they may be less important for top management.

At a time when top management is interested in profit for the day as a whole, each employee is interested in his personal contribution to the development of the company. You need to find a way to measure this contribution – for example: develop a system to calculate the interactions with customers or successful transactions per day/week for each employee. Also include a way to thank each of them for their contribution.

6.  Eliminating Stumbling Blocks for Employee Requests

We have already stated that listening to what people say is a manifestation of respect and care. However, the highest level of displaying this is your response to what has been heard.

For example, if employees complain that one of the production lines is constantly breaking down and wastes their time and energy, this is an occasion to show that you are listening to them – not only from the perspective of lost profits, but because your employees are asking you to help them make their work less problematic and more efficient. This is a definitely a win-win situation.

7.  Demonstrating and Encouraging Peer-t0-Peer Care

In a large number of companies, the business culture equates kindness with weakness. These are cases where a strict boss is considered an effective leader – mainly due to the fact that subordinates are simply afraid to say that something is going wrong. This is a toxic situation. More than half of American workers are not happy at work.

Happiness at work is not measured in terms of money, a convenient schedule or a close distance from home to office. Happiness is a collective state that can only be achieved when the boss takes care of each employee, and employees take care of each other.

How can you show employees you care about them? Learn to notice the details and remember that regardless of the levels of subordination, they are people, and we all need each other’s help.


Despite different approaches to leadership – kindness and concern for people always remains a key element for good business, It is very simple and does not require any additional investments besides attention and sincerity.

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