Wanting things to be different

All Winter I found myself longing for Spring; for sunshine, warmer temperatures, more sunlight. I prefer the transitional seasons like Spring and Fall to the intensity of Winter and Summer, but even now that Spring has arrived I notice myself feeling the humidity and wishing it was different.

This wishing things were different doesn’t only apply to the weather. I’ve been known to wish my husband was different, my house was different, my body was different…you get the point.

I think it’s a pretty common thing to want things to be different. Those wants can even point us toward a new goal; but it’s when we’re always in the space of wanting things to be different that we’re missing out on everything happening right now.

When I focus on right now, my entire experience changes. Let’s use the weather example. If I’m walking outside and I’m consumed with wishing that the humidity was different or the pollen was reduced, or anything along those lines, what am I missing? It’s likely that I’m missing the experience of being in the sunshine that I spent all Winter longing to see. I might be missing birds, or clouds, or flowers, or a kind stranger on the street. I’m definitely missing the peace that I know comes from being in the present moment.

So I bring myself back. I notice that I’m wishing away the “right now” and find something in front of me to capture my attention. That can be anything from a smell, to something I can look at, to coming back to my body and taking some deep breaths.

It never fails me – this being in the right now. While I want to honor the feelings of what I want to be different, it’s detrimental to spend all of my mental time in that space. Coming to the present and focusing on the right now is how I find peace. It’s how I recenter myself, enjoy what I have and shift my outlook on just about everything. After all, I want to enjoy my right now even (especially!) as I work toward some of those different places I’d like to be.

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