Walk your talk

There have been many times in my life when I’ve felt stuck, and that’s one of the biggest reasons people come to me for coaching.  They can’t see a way out of a bind, they’ve hit a wall or they’re at a crossroads.  Good ole stuckness.  It can be a tough one to get out of, and everybody wants to find the perfect process or to-do list to get themselves unstuck.  If only it were that simple…

You’re completely capable of making a list, creating a strategy or setting up a step-by-step plan to get unstuck.  You’ve probably done it a million times, and even had some success, albeit fleeting.  There’s something more.

I talk a lot about self-kindness, and firmly believe in the power of being kind to yourself.  I’m also far from perfect, so there are plenty of days when I’m criticizing myself for something I did, something I said, or how I look.  When I have too many of those days in a row, I get stuck, and no to-do list can get me unstuck.

When I’m not walking my talk, stuckness sets in.

How can I talk to people about doing something I’m not doing myself?  It simply doesn’t work.  As soon as I start walking my talk again, things open up.  The stuckness dissipates and life falls back into place.

Loving myself first is the key.  I have to make the choice to love myself enough to really look at where I’m not walking my talk, and make a different choice.

Maybe you’re a teacher, who doesn’t want to learn.  Maybe you’re a nurse who can’t let anyone take care of you.  Maybe you’re a manager trying to instill confidence in your team, but you still find yourself jumping at every email from a leader.

However you’re stuckness is showing up, love yourself enough to look at it through a new lens.  Stop trying to fix it with a system, a process, research or a to-do list, and start looking at where you’re not walking your talk.  It’ll all start to fall into place.


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