Venemous Delight



Split tongue
The silent serpent crawls
in between the grass of deceit
Haunting the prey
While loving the idea of how a servant
Can mirror his own well being
Armed to the teeth
With poison
Times every release
Punctuality is the true name of venom
To kill the idea of man
Without being noticed
Making it an act of conscience
Heads nodding in acceptance
Of cruelty
No fatalities on their side
Prevention of a lost generation
Preserving their own rights
By suppressing theirs
Without difference
They were all the same
But the split tongue of a serpent
Never lies
In the mind of the deceived



Espen Stenersrød is a Norwegian writer and poet from Oslo.
With two poetry collections behind him (Diary of poet,2012 and Lifecycle in Nihighnigma, 2013) he is now working on a novel and a new poetry collection.
His poetry has been described as unique, attention grabbing and memorable.
Espen enjoys writing deep, insightful poetry that examines the human condition from both a modern and universal perspective, balancing between hope and beauty and darkness and mystery.

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