Vacation Weary

I’m weary but I
have the house
to myself and don’t
want to give up these
peaceful moments.
Children are on air
mattresses snuggled
under quilts, clutching
white fluffy bunnies
or furry rhinos.
Adults are sawing logs
in the rooms at the end
of the hall.
Even the sand buckets
and shovels have been
tucked in for the night.
The lights are out
except for the one
beside me creating
a warm yellow spot
on my book.
The man in the moon
is peeking through the
slats of the half open
Maybe I’ll read awhile
longer or maybe I’ll
turn my imagination loose
to play upon the beaches
of dreamland
until Taps is played.

Candace Kubinec lives the good life in Pennsylvania writing, reading, and dreaming.

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