Use what talents you possess

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

I simply had to choose this quote for this week since it’s so relevant to an upcoming event in my life! First, a little background.

Hubbs and I had a very small wedding (47 people). It was lovely and intimate and exactly what we wanted. About a year into our marriage, we were talking about maybe having a party over Labor Day Weekend. This was something I’d done at various homes I’d lived in pre-cohabitation, so I wanted to see if we would continue it together. That year, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend also happened to be our 1st wedding anniversary, and so a tradition was born!

This Saturday (8/30/14) will be the 6th year of our party in our current home. Our friends come, our families come, our neighbors come….and I sing. Am I one of the most talented birds in the forest? Most certainly not, but everyone seems to enjoy the show!

Now, before you start thinking I just stand up in the middle of my back yard and belt out some songs, let me reassure you that my closest friends are very musical, and we’ve become a bit of a once-a-year, backyard-party sensation! We call ourselves The Dive.

I give you all of this background to illustrate my point. Singing is a talent I’ve always possessed – from elementary school chorus to a college choir that earned me a trip to England. I’ve always done it, despite not being professionally trained or on the path to American Idol (before I was too old!). I do it because I love it. I enjoy it. I basically get on stage with a bunch of my closest friends and we make a cover band. It’s SO MUCH FUN! I would be sad if I didn’t use this talent simply because I’m not the best singer in the group. I still get nervous and microphones make me uncomfortable, but I use the talent I possess.

My bet is that you have a talent you’e not using. Maybe out of fear, maybe it’s been too long, maybe you just don’t have time. I’d like to challenge you to use that talent this week. Dig it up. Put it out into the world, even if just for a minute. You don’t have to be the most talented bird in the forest.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.
?, Lara

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