Urban Sustainability: Gardening Helps Save Cities from Climate Change

Advancements in technology do not stop and more resources are being consumed every day in order to fulfill the needs of our growing society. Cities become more populated and polluted every year. Scientists are struggling to offset the effects brought on by modernization, commonly known as climate change. We, as urban inhabitants, can help to save our ecosystem by considering urban sustainability.

A sustainable city is a place where energy inputs and outputs are greatly minimized with focus on creating sustainable and renewable energy. Several studies have proven that this helped push back the effects of climate change. If all cities participate, positive change will be greatly felt around the world. You, as a homeowner, can actually contribute by doing urban gardening.

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Urban Gardening and Climate Change

Simply said, climate change is a naturally occurring phenomenon in which weather patterns change throughout the planet. One of its factors includes global warming, where the average temperature of Earth rose partially due to human influence. Emission of greenhouse gases from factories, cars, power plants, etc. contributes to what we are now experiencing. There are adverse effects associated with this. This article focuses on one of the solutions available to us – urban gardening.

You can grow vegetables on your roof                            Growing tomatoes on your balcony

Urban gardening is becoming a trend due to its benefits to peoples’ health and the environment. It is the practice of growing food within urban areas. Cities come in very different sizes and shapes so there is no definite style or method for this. By utilizing all the available space inside your lot, this becomes a flexible approach to gardening.

Growing food in your home can harvest a lot of benefits. Food will be always fresh which tastes a lot better. This also ensures that you will have quality food every time you harvest. Eating good food means good health, cutting down on future medical expenses. Growing plants and trees results in fresh air and contributes positively to your overall health. It also cuts down transportation costs and energy consumption within your household. By planting and growing food you contribute to lessening the effects of climate change and global warming.

Tips to Growing Your Own Urban Garden

An example of an urban garden in Malaysia

If you plan to start a garden inside your home, make sure to follow these tips to make your gardening fun and easy to do:

  • Start growing plants in containers. This is fairly easy and also adds aesthetic value to your home.
  • Always consider what size the plants will be and use appropriate sized pots or containers. Plants need a lot of space to grow so they can spread their roots.
  • Potting soil is always the best choice since it is much lighter and drains better than normal soil. It is also sterilized so you do not have to worry about weed and diseases hurting your plants. Always make sure to fill the container adequately.
  • Regular fertilizers can be washed away, especially in containers where you have to water your plants frequently. Slow-release types can last up to several months.
  • Do not over-water your plants. This will make the roots rot.
  • Opt for plastic pots. Clay pots are porous so the plants dry out more quickly. Put mulch on top of the soil to reduce water evaporation.
  • If you are planning to hang your plants, make sure that you have an efficient way of watering them.
  • If you cannot water your plants regularly, consider getting water crystals that soak up and release water gradually while you are away.


Achieving urban sustainability requires effort but seeing its long-term effects on people and the positive changes in the community makes it worth it.

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