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Unique is one of those words I can struggle with. On my most empowered days, I own my uniqueness. I wear it as a badge of honor and am proud of the ways I stand out from the crowd.

Then there are the other days…  The days I wake up and am just not feeling it. The days where I feel like it would be easier to just “fit in” or “go with the flow” or “be like everyone else”.

But is that true? (hat tip: Byron Katie) Is anyone really “just like” anyone else?

The DNA of every human is different. We all have unique fingerprints. No 2 of us are genetically alike, and when we throw some nurture on top of all of that nature, and it’s clear that each one of us really is a unique strand. That’s what’s true.

So what is our contribution? Clearly we aren’t all going to be world famous, but does that mean we don’t have a contribution to make? Absolutely not!

I make contributions every day. So do you. Ever hold a door for someone a few feet behind you? That’s a contribution. In fact, during my #365DaysofKind project last year, that contribution got the biggest reaction. That simple act of kindness can be revolutionary. Treating others with kindness and respect, is one of the biggest contributions we can make.

What about treating yourself with kindness and respect? I mentioned empowered days at the beginning of this post; the days when I feel most proud of my uniqueness and wear it  like a badge of honor. Those days are the result of treating myself with kindness and respect; of starting with me, so I am able to contribute to the world.

What’s your contribution?

Thanks for being on the journey with me.

?, Lara

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