Unexpected Signs

Soft Shoulder. It’s not a common road sign, and despite being on a road that I’ve traveled dozens and dozens of times, I only noticed it a couple of days ago.

Soft Shoulder. When I actually noticed that road sign, I did what it said! Part of it was my natural instinct as a rule follower, but mostly it was because I often carry stress and tension in my shoulders. I wasn’t feeling particularly tense in that moment, but anytime I think about softening my shoulders, it’s a valuable action to take.

I don’t know why I happened to notice that sign when I did; but I do know that when things stand out to me, I shouldn’t ignore them.

Unexpected signs can be anything and anywhere. Sometimes it’s a song on the radio or that comes up in your digital music rotation one too many times to ignore. It can be a certain phrase someone uses in person or on TV. It can be a thought that hits you like a flash of light, or a time you see on the clock too often to be random (11:11, 3:33, 4:44 anyone?).

Sometimes the sign is pretty obvious. Maybe someone tells you that you should do something you’ve secretly been pondering. Maybe the person you’ve been wondering if you should call, reaches out to you.  Other times they’re more subtle. My soft shoulder sign. Seeing repeating patterns of numbers. Being ready for new growth and finding yourself connected to awesome new people, even if the reason isn’t totally clear at first.

Whatever form your signs come in – expected or unexpected – are you paying attention? What might shift if you slowed down enough to notice some of these things? Truthfully, unexpected signs probably pop up way more than any of us realize. When you are able to tune into them, trust yourself enough to take action.

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