Tutorial: Lunch Bag Business Card Envelopes

Kind Over Matter Business Card Envelopes

I was really inspired by a Business Card flickr group I came across last week (see: plantable business card!), along with this amazing article/tutorial on Crafting a Green World for Security Pattern Business Card Envelopes. I wanted to share with you what I decided to do for my Business Cards. It’s a super easy, fun & inexpensive way to make your cards stand out. Like Crafting a Green World said, “Presentation is everything!” I think this idea is a good representation of my craft & you can do the same, make them your own, be creative! You can also use these on card drops, to make them more of a little found gift!

What you need:

Your 2″ x 3.5″ business card
Standard-sized paper lunch bags (5.125″ x 3.125″ x 10.625″), any color
Paper trimmer, cutter, scissors
Glue stick, tape, stickers

Punches, decorative scissors, rubber stamps, ink, whatever you want!

Kind Over Matter Business Card Envelopes

– Measure 8″ along the length of the lunch bag, cutting off the bottom.

– Take that piece & cut it in half to make two 4″ pieces.

– Take both pieces, find the side that measures 5″ & cut it in half, 2.5″, to make 4 pieces.

Kind Over Matter Business Card Envelopes
(click the photo if you can’t see it all)

1 – Take your 4 pieces &
2 – Get your 2″ x 3.5″ business card
3 – Unfold the first layer just a bit, place your business card in, as shown.
4 – Pinch both layers of the lunch bag with your index finger & thumb on the top left hand corner, fold the back piece up as shown. I tabbed the back bottom right hand corner with an A so you can see the progression of the fold.
5 – Make sure the layers look like the photo.
6 – Fold all the layers over.
7 – Make a crease with your fold.
8 & 9 – Here is where you can get creative with punches if you’d like, remove your business card & punch through all the layers so you get the punch effect on both sides of your envelope.
10 – Put your card back in the envelope & flip open your folded flap, use a glue stick on all layer to glue it back down, like an envelope!

Kind Over Matter Business Card Envelopes

Look at your envelopes like a blank canvas, you can use rubber stamps, ribbons, paint, ink, needle & thread, your printer or sewing machine, anything you desire! Have Fun!

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