Turn to stone

If I speak to you
Will my voice be silenced
If I listen carefully
Could my hearing cease
If I touch you
Will I turn to stone

If I expose my heart
Will it fall apart
If I take a chance
Will my dreams come true

If we break down the walls
Can we grow together
If we let our fears fall away
Can we catch a flame
If we trust each other
Is there fate to find
If we take each other’s hand
We feel there is much to explore
If we find a path of love
We will be forever grateful

Kristine Dubuque Ortega is a WRITER, POET, PHOTOGRAPHER and CREATIVE who writes poetry in every spare moment when she’s not exploring photography, taking online courses and collaborating with other artists. Realizing what her writing and photography were truly for, she is in the process of building an online course to share her creative journey. Kristine also has a book of original photography and poetry in the works, and lives in Mansfield Massachusetts with her husband.
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