Tuesday’s Tunes with Iron & Wine

tuesday's tunes

Advisory: Some of these performances contain language not suitable for all audiences.

Iron & Wine’s (aka Sam Beam’s) new album, Kiss Each Other Clean was released today. I had tweeted about the above performance on Saturday & one of my lovely followers, Sara, thanked me for turning her on to Sam, she hadn’t heard his music before. Shortly after, Suzanne tweeted & thanked me as well. I tweeted them both back, so excited because I knew the journey they were about to take. I took it back in 2005 when I discovered his music in a small & awesome independent record store called, City Lights Records (click the link for short doc on the store, Ken is one kool kat) that I frequented. Sadly, the store closed it’s doors last year. So, yes, I bought Our Endless Number Days & that same week went back to buy the album & EP that came before it. I have had a love affair with his music since. When Kurt & I’s love was all shiny & brand new, we drove across the country diggin’ on it. When Zenin, my oldest, was just a few weeks old I would rock & dance with him in my arms around my dark kitchen every evening to The Shepherd’s Dog, by track 3, he was out. His music has been there through some of the best & most difficult parts of my life. I hold it close & in the highest regard.

Now, as a disclaimer, I’m no music guru. I’m not up on all the newest & hip stuff that’s out there, but I do love what I love. I, too, LOVE turning people on to new music. So I started this feature to share some of my favs with you because maybe, before now, like the two lovelies above, you hadn’t heard of Iron & Wine. Oh are you in for a treat if you haven’t!

Thanks for listening, big love,

Every time I listen to this song my eyes well up with tears because it is so, so beautiful.

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