Trust your style

Do you trust yourself?

One of the first things I always tell a new client is that they are welcome to disagree with me. Wait, what? Isn’t a coach supposed to tell the client what to do? Nope!  🙂
My job is to help my clients see and think about things differently; but at the heart of it, I want my clients to trust themselves.

In the past week I had 2 different instances where I needed to rely on the trust I have in myself.

One was in a class. The instructor was offering a style of running a business that he found very successful, but several elements didn’t sit right with me. Had I not trusted myself, I would have felt like I needed to completely revamp the way I do things. Instead, I was able to consider the things he was offering and decide if there was anything there that I wanted to implement.

The second was a medical situation where the practitioner was trying to “sell” me into a higher level of care. I was able to take a deep breath and answer honestly that I was happy to continue things as they are and that I wouldn’t be adding anything additional.

It’s easy to give others positional power – especially if they’re someone you’re learning from or seeing for care – and listening is always important; but at the end of the day, trusting yourself and your style is paramount.

Scratching your head at the idea of trusting your style? The easiest way to establish solid trust with yourself is to keep one small promise to yourself regularly. Start with 1 promise to yourself that you can keep a few times a week. It can be something as small as drinking 1 more glass of water each day or going to bed at a good time. These small steps start to show you that you can trust yourself so that when you need to question information you’re hearing, you have a well of trust to tap into.

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