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to us

Let’s not solve any problems. Let’s not figure it out, or dive deep, or blow the roof off, or tear down any walls. Let’s not burn the candle at either of its ends. Let’s not pull back the curtain, or rearrange the furniture, or clean out the closets, or try to figure out where that squeaky noise is coming from. Let’s not read the manual or watch the video. Let’s not plug in the GPS or decipher the map or read our fortunes. Let’s not aim for greatness. Let’s not raise the bar. Let’s not make a point or set an example or offer a lesson in the form of a cautionary tale. Let’s not take measurements or do any of the math. Let’s not dig any trenches or aim our sights or shoot any arrows or plant any stakes in the ground. Let’s not peel more layers of that onion, or try to get any more blood from that stone. Let’s not hurry.

Instead, let’s idle. Let’s laze. Let’s loaf. Let’s sip from the rim. Let’s gape, open-mouthed, at angles of light. Let’s fail to count the stars. Let’s let the dust collect. Let’s wear our nubbiest socks. Let’s love the word “cinnamon” or find a substitute that equally makes our senses come alive. Let’s get mud on our shoes. Let’s sing with our mouths open, our tongues soft. Let’s turn our loose change into an accompaniment. Let’s forget we get embarrassed. Let’s dance. Let’s dance without embarrassment. Let’s vibrate with the nearness of each other. Let’s turn on our heels. Let’s not go anywhere. Let’s point ourselves in the direction of here. And then let’s make a toast: “To us. To us.”

maya stein
Maya Stein is a Ninja poet, writing guide and creative adventuress. She has been a freelance writer and editor for more than 20 years and has self-published five books along with a handful of writing prompt booklets. Her latest books are “Grief Becomes You,” a collection of writings and photographs on the subject of loss from more than 60 contributors, and “The Poser: 38 Portraits Reimagined,” a full-color coffee table book of contemporary portrait re-enactments.
Maya facilitates workshops and retreats, live and online, and also works one-on-one with people interested in deepening their creative practice and bringing new work to fruition.
After a 7-year stint in suburban New Jersey, she is now happily ensconced in the wilds of mid-coast Maine in a house named Toad Hall.
You can connect with Maya on her website.

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