Tips for Reducing Stress as a Busy Mom

Being a mom is a blessing, but it comes with its challenges. Of course, making sure the kids are okay is your priority; but self-care is equally important. Learning how to reduce stress can make you a better mom.

Moms can get stressed very quickly as they have a lot on their plate. This can lead to unhappiness and affect the their well-being. Luckily, there are multiple ways to reduce stress and live a more fulfilling life.

Is there one fix that works for everyone? Of course not. Every mom is unique and has different preferences. Some require a spa day to recharge while CBD living gummies work perfectly for others.

Are you a mom in need of tips on how to reduce stress? If so, here are 6 easy tips to stay sane while taking care of your kids:

1. Plan Your Routine

Every mom needs a routine for both her and her baby. One of the most useful tricks, especially if you’re working from home, is to work while the baby is sleeping.

2. Be Organized

One cause of stress among moms comes when the baby needs something that can’t be located. Finding the baby bottle with the baby crying at the top of their lungs can bring a lot of anxiety. Avoiding such hurdles can significantly reduce stress. Keep a bag with all the baby necessities under the bed or beside your chair.

3. Practice Self-Care

Many moms neglect themselves while taking care of everybody else. This may seem sweet and responsible, but it’s tough to take care of everyone when you’re in bad shape. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day to exercise, relax, meditate or even take a nap.

4. Start Journaling 

While this may not sound like a great way to reduce stress, you’ll see a difference once you get started. Write down whatever you’re feeling. Two things are likely to happen: 1. You calm down and feel better, and 2. You find a solution to a problem that was troubling you.

5. Hire Someone to Help

This is the one tip that every mom out there needs to embrace. Many moms juggling between work and taking care of kids feel like asking for help deems them as  ineffective. This is simply because they view it from the wrong perspective. Hiring a housekeeper to take care of chores during the day would give you more free time to talk to your kids in the evening.

6. Find a Parent Support Group

Staying at home and self-judging your parenting techniques only makes the situation worse. Instead, join a mom’s group in your area. They understand the kind of crazy you’re going through and you can talk freely with no fear of judgment.


Being a mom is a bittersweet experience. Sometimes you’re killing it and other times you feel like you can barely get through the day. Always keep in mind that you’re not the only one having these feelings. Every mother feels the heat once in a while.

Hopefully practicing some of these tips will help reduce your stress.

Please tell us other tips you have found helpful in the comment section.

Lavera Stewart
Lavera is a life coach who specializes in women's mental health. She has held several successful seminars around the world and empowered millions of women.  She also has a successful blog where she writes about all the best exercise equipment which are especially useful for mothers. When she's free, you'll find her reading, fishing or meditating.

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