Time is our own creation

Post by Sherina Mayani for the Kindness in Business series.

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There never seems to be enough time to do the things we want and need to do. We all too often get caught up in the constraints of time — or at least what we imagine to be the constraints of time. In reality, time is an illusion we’ve created to add structure to our lives, to help us better understand a limitless universe. The idea that time is our own creation is a concept that was at first difficult for me to grasp. Time seems so real, after all. We have seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years. Night turns into day, winter gives way to spring. How can time be an illusion?

It took me awhile, but I finally understand this concept and how it can help us lead more fulfilling, successful lives. I want to share with you some important lessons I’ve learned to help you not only maximize your time, but also to help you see better results in your business and life.

  1. All we have is now. Forget the past and the future. What’s done is done, and to fret over what’s to come is simply a waste of time and unnecessary stressor. You must focus on the present to make the most of your time — it’s all you can really control, and it’s what most matters. When you live in the now, time slows down. You stop and breathe, you focus your attention on the task at hand, at your surroundings. We are in control of our time, and we can extend it by being present in the moment.
  2. Perception affects reality. We each have our own unique perceptions of the world — our own realities. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. The way we think has more of an effect on our lives than most realize. If you don’t think you have enough time, you’re right. You don’t. Allow yourself to have the time you need. It all begins from within. Think abundantly. When you believe you have the time to do all the things you want and need, your outer world will reflect those thoughts.
  3. Don’t let deadlines dictate your life. Setting goals for yourself is necessary for productivity in life and business. Deadlines are important, but too often they create unnecessary stress. You don’t have to lose your peace of mind over what you perceive to be a strict timeline. Push that pressure aside and breathe. It’s incredible how much we can actually achieve when we give ourselves the time we need. Putting so much pressure on ourselves with deadlines can end up slowing us down and keep us from reaching our goals. Chances are you’ll be right on time anyway — so why stress?
  4. Remember to breathe. This is perhaps the most important practice anyone can follow. We live in such a fast-paced society, we often forget how to properly breathe. Stop what you’re doing right now, and take a deep breath. Do it over and over again, and focus on the rise and fall of your chest, the way you feel as you inhale, and then exhale. It feels different from the way you normally breathe, doesn’t it? Remembering to breathe and breathe deeply goes hand in hand with living in the present. It’s a calming, grounding practice that brings us back to where we need to be. If time feels like it’s just speeding away, stop and take a deep breath. 

Learning to be in control of our time doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a work in progress. But if you can take just one of these lessons with you and start today, you’re on the right track. Start small, but dream big. Life is what we make it, so make the most of it by making the most of your time.

Sherina Mayani is a Business coach who guides feminine spiritual leaders to their most powerful, independent, high-vibrational selves and success in life and business. She is here to uplift and empower women who may feel trapped and restricted in their present environment, show them new heights, and allow them to soar to their highest calling so they can see the possibility of creating the life they know they are meant for.
She is a certified Divine Living Life Coach. Her biggest desire is to assist women who know they have a powerful spiritual calling, and who want to own their excellence by allowing themselves to shine in both their beauty and businesses.  
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