Through the fire

Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

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Several years ago, I walked on burning coals, on purpose and with intent. Why? Because I’m a bad ass! Hahaha, probably only funny if you know how “not” bad assed I am, but I think that’s another post!! Actually, I was at a Tony Robbins event, and the purpose was to show us that we can move past our fears and limitations. Funny thing was, you don’t get burnt, because you are prepared and in such a state of purpose and belief that you will be safe.

How many times do we face difficult times in our lives and simply turn away because we are afraid of the pain? We know that if we prepare and get ourselves in the right state of mind it becomes much easier to make it through. But often we just sit on the sidelines, and we never get through to the other side because we are afraid. There is so much apprehension when we face something unknown, especially when it has the possibility to cause us pain. But we know that on the other side, there is so much pride and accomplishment and the knowledge that this will spur us onto something even better.

Well, I have walked through the fire again, this time metaphorically. To find out how, I welcome you to read my Sponsor Love post and visit my new site, Live and Love Your Life. I’m so proud, and so thrilled to be able to connect to people on a deeper level.

I would love to hear the things that you were fearful of, but managed to take that first step forward. How did it feel? How did you feel? What was the outcome? How did that spur you on to even better things for your life?

To healthy and happy,

Lynn DeVasto is the owner of Live and Love Your Life, which helps you deal with the trifecta of Food, Fitness and Feelings. She has taken her experience of losing 90 pounds and her certifications in Personal Training, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Sports Nutrition and Barre to create a premium coaching experience. This allows you manage your health in a way that works for you instead of against you. Click HERE to get her juicy tips to Live and Love Your Life!

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