Thoughtful Do It Yourself Handmade Gifts : Take Time To Jar

Thoughtful Gifts : Take Time To Jar

What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever received?

This is a beginning of a new feature here on Kind Over Matter. Thoughtful DIY Handmade Gifts. Handmade gifts make a lasting impression on the recipient, especially when those gifts are made by your hands. You just never forget a thoughtful gift, I know I haven’t. We want to feature gifts here that anyone can do & give, gifts that will bring a smile, because, you know, that’s what were about here, right?

Today’s ideas are found on Pintrest and they all fit in a jar!  Check out the thoughtful gifts in a jar that will surely make your loved ones smile.

Even if you just wanted to make the decorative pebbles pictured above & give them, or drop them, I think they are unforgettable.

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