things that are already poems

Jim’s pink polo, as seen across the expanse of two heavy folding tables
by Joanna, who said “You’re looking so bohemian today!” and how everyone
turned to see what she saw, and the feeling of being looked at like this,
in unsolicited appreciation, and the morning unspooling in a loose intimacy
no one expected of a Tuesday, and in a library no less, and what it is
to notice a man’s shirt, and how noticing becomes a gesture or an offering
and how an offering becomes a celebration, and how a celebration changes the tint
of a library room, and how a room turns into a church, pews filled with things
that are already poems, like Jim’s eyes softening in the ripple of Joanna’s voice.
Like the ripe berry of the word “bohemian,” sweetening our lips as we heard it.

maya stein
Maya Stein is a Ninja poet, writing guide and creative adventuress. She has been a freelance writer and editor for more than 20 years and has self-published five books along with a handful of writing prompt booklets. Her latest books are “Grief Becomes You,” a collection of writings and photographs on the subject of loss from more than 60 contributors, and “The Poser: 38 Portraits Reimagined,” a full-color coffee table book of contemporary portrait re-enactments.
Maya facilitates workshops and retreats, live and online, and also works one-on-one with people interested in deepening their creative practice and bringing new work to fruition.
After a 7-year stint in suburban New Jersey, she is now happily ensconced in the wilds of mid-coast Maine in a house named Toad Hall.
You can connect with Maya on her website.

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