There is beauty in contrast

There is beauty in contrast…

…with bad there is good.
…every change becomes an opportunity for growth.
…with every hurt there is an offering of hope.
…every fall gives way for us to rise.
…every ending provides a new beginning.

We can’t let the bad, a change, hurt, falls or endings keep us from honoring the good, the growth, the hope, the chance to rise and new beginnings. We need to trust the process – maybe not right away – but push ourselves to move a little every day towards trusting…believing in the lesson of this season.

Stars cannot shine without darkness.

So if you need to break, shatter, feel deeply or even fall – DO IT – because it is within the cracks that form in the darkness that the light will (can) shine through. The light will open up your heart again bringing back the good, granting you the permission to grieve, reflect, remember and love – allowing joy filled smiles, hearty laughs, warm embraces, even the sharing of happy tears. The light will wrap you in a comforting and familiar blanket of peace. Share that peace.

Death may take the body but God embraces and welcomes the soul…freeing the pain, suffering and sadness. Our minds will forever store our memories and our hearts will always keep the love. Our faith lets us know that they are at peace and this is only a physical goodbye because we will meet again.

Taralee is an educator, advocate, philanthropist and a published author.

She has passionately contributed to the fields of special education and early childhood education since 1998, meeting her student’s and client’s needs in the home, school and community. She excels at recognizing each child’s unique gift and successfully ignites their love of learning through exploration, discovery and play. It is through this work that "Inspired Education" was born. As a philanthropist, Taralee served as the President and member of the Board of Trustees for the Southern Regional New Jersey Early Intervention Collaborative for 8 years.

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