The Untangling of Excellence and Perfection

Excellence and perfection are worlds apart.

Perfectionism is the thing that keeps us stuck. (It’s also a lie.) It tells us that we are never good enough and that there’s always something lacking – that there’s 1 thing right around the corner and when we reach it, THEN we’ll finally be OK. Yet when we reach that 1 thing we’re immediately looking around the next corner. We’re never OK and we’re consistently stuck in the cycle.

Excellence helps to push us forward. It supports us to create powerful work, to show up for those we love and to allow for time & space for rest & integration.

The 2 are worlds apart and most of us get them tangled up and think they’re the same. Let’s untangle.

Excellence is who you are – right now, in this moment. It’s the work you create, the life you live and the human you are. It’s the version of you that knows your process and trusts your energy. Excellence is the energy behind the things you’re proud of.
Perfection is in the future. It’s the if/then, later or when scenario…and it’s so easy to get caught up in. Perfection is the force behind our inability to not see our true goodness, to never celebrate our wins and to feel like even your most incredible accomplishment is still not enough.

We live in a world that encourages perfection. As you untangle excellence from perfection, consider believing the good things people say about you. Consider celebrating 1 accomplishment every day. Integrate rest into your schedule. Untangling these 2 concepts creates a powerful shift.

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