The Things I Will Do To Procrastinate

I sat down to write about a completely different topic and then I wandered off into to the kitchen for a snack, then into the bathroom to file a snagged nail…and literally as I was typing that sentence, I went into my Notes app on my phone to track this topic, and oh while I’m here, I might as well check email, and oh, I’ll just pay that bill right now, and I better check my account balance, and also check the joint account to make sure the check cleared…

It goes on.

Feel familiar?

In most spaces procrastination is the enemy and I’ll agree that if it’s a constant issue, it certainly is something to examine. For me, I know that I’m procrastinating because I’m super tired and slept poorly, I don’t feel like doing any kind of creative work today and I’ve had a jam-packed few days.

Clearly, as evidenced by the fact that you’re reading this post, I finished writing it.

On days like these I’ve learned to accept the fact that procrastination is going to be part of my process. In fact, even my writing right now is procrastination of other things that need to get done today and that’s totally OK. I know that I’ll get them done. I know that this is just a moment in time. This isn’t my consistent way of being, and especially when I’m tired and a little run down the procrastination actually helps my process. If I forced myself to sit still for hours on end I’d end up cranky and probably get less done.

So here’s to a little healthy procrastination once in a while, served with a heaping spoonful of self-kindness!

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