the story of a civilization

This is the story of a civilization
that did exist, that does exist, that will exist again.
A beautiful civilization
that reaches to the heights of perfection.

They are aware of their true nature
and unafraid of change.
They see that everything is working harmoniously.
Each is inspired individually
to bring together a work of art –
their life,
and each life woven together forms the world.

They do as they please
and it pleases all.
Each expresses the same
but in a different way.

They use the magic they came from
to create a life of beauty
with magical happenings
that reach beyond dreams.

They are aware of the nature of Life –
and that the universe they live in
is a creation of Spiritual energy
guided by Divine thought
to take form and change form.

Each word they speak is inspired by Love.
Every action they take is the formless taking form.
This world is alive with Life, magical Life –
Spiritual Life.

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey’s career as a visual artist/poet spans over four decades. Her poetry often inspires a new painting and sometimes it even becomes imbedded in her mixed-media art. Whether poetry or painting, she works from a state of quiet receptivity allowing heart and hand to move of their own accord. Without preconceptions Michael trusts in the direction that inspiration provides. “I paint and write for the joy of discovering the endless forms that creative energy can assume - in me and on the paper in front of me.”michael bailey logo. You can follow Michael on her website or on Facebook.

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