The Small Price of Kindness

When we think about changing the world, we usually think about the big things. We focus on what needs to be done about poverty, education or the environment; but we usually think in terms of solving “the big picture.”

In the process, we overlook the importance of the little things – small acts that you can do, right now, that will help improve the world around you…perhaps more than you might know.

I want to share a simple gift idea I had that spread not just money, but love, peace and acceptance to everyone it touched.

The Power of a Few Dollars

The idea was simple. I gave 5 friends $5 each (given as five $1 bills) with one simple instruction. They were to share the money with five people who needed It more than they did.

There were no other conditions or suggestions. They could pass it to a homeless person on the street, give it as an extra tip to a waiter or buy a coffee for someone in line behind them.

The idea was to get them into the mode of sharing – and seeing the direct impact that small gestures could have.

The Results Are In…And Kindness Wins

After sending this gift to my friends, each of them wrote me thanking me for the experience. They told me they were amazed at how grateful the recipients were – in a way that often seemed to far exceed the “value” of a dollar.

I did the exercise myself and couldn’t help but think the same. Whether I bought a homeless person a loaf of bread or paid the bus fare for someone who couldn’t find the cash, the simple act of giving a small amount of money helped me come into closer connection with the other person.

It wasn’t about the money. It was about spreading kindness and acceptance, and realizing – if only for a moment – that we are all human. We are all in this together…and we can have each other’s back.

I encourage you to try out this little experiment for yourself. You might be surprised at just how far a dollar or two can go.

Kyle Greenfield
Kyle Greenfield is a meditation, happiness and personal empowerment teacher and the founder of "The Joy Within." Based in London, Kyle teaches that when you prioritize joy, everything begins to work out for you. He has led meditations, seminars and lectures across The United States, Europe and South America. You can follow Kyle on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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